Monday, April 22, 2019

What is life to enjoy?

When do we say “we enjoy”? Does having an ice cold beer with friends after a day of grueling work defines to enjoy? Is doing rounds in the hospital to check on the patients, even if your leg hurts like hell defines to enjoy? Is helping other people in need without asking any in return make you enjoy? Or do we enjoy doing nothing at all?

Literally speaking when we say “enjoy”, it simply means to have a feeling of pleasure, liking, delight, contentment, satisfaction---though there are no precise words to define the feeling of “enjoy” for it is subjective in the sense that it differs in everyone’s feeling. However, one thing we all agree upon in describing the word “enjoy” is the desire to have one, and, it is impossible that a man existed in this world not wanting a pleasure in life.

We as humans are unique individually. We might share the same interest with other persons, but we have our own personality and characteristic and own views in wanting things in life in terms of contentment that differs from others; one person may enjoy doing things by helping other people and another person may enjoy doing things by hurting other people. Two different ways on achieving such a desire but still, as stated earlier, it has one thing in common and that is to pursue pleasure.

Keller Fishback

Men are selfish by nature, we cannot deny that. Based in our history, a lot of conflicts had happened within our kind that in every century, we scar our mother Earth with war. That may be for land, wealth, power and many other motives. Country invading other countries by conquering their land, they will enjoy the wealth and riches of the land they conquered. Some are motivated by political conflicts; some are just due to racial differences or beliefs and many more. Even in our own roof, conflicts occur over with just a simple idea of enjoyment---a boy fails to graduate because he enjoys spending more time going around with friends rather than devoting his time to his studies, resulting to conflict to both his parents for not attending and supervising their boy during those times. There are a lot of things in our lives we stumble upon that give us a sense of enjoyment and there is nothing wrong about it, unless we know the cost of such an act.

We should be thankful enough to enjoy life as it is, we are provided by our mother Earth all that we need in order to survive; the air, food, water, an adoptable climate and many things. We reign supreme to all living things for we have the gift of reasoning and with this, we should use it in a way we are ought to do. We are given the freedom to enjoy life the way we want to live it, but in every freedom we have, we should not abuse it. We are to choose between what is right and what is wrong. And in every choice that we made, we should always know the consequences behind it.

To those people who enjoy life by helping others, for sure they would have a delightful life living in harmony with other people. And to those people who enjoy life by hurting other people, I would not agree more if they would still enjoy life behind bars.

“For some life lasts a short while, but the memories it holds lasted forever. Enjoy life with happiness in thy heart, for there’s plenty of time to be dead”.

All in all, there is nothing permanent in this world. The only permanent in this world is the change. Time will come when we will soon depart in this beloved world we have, and it would be best if we enjoy our lives to the fullest with no regrets. Enjoy life, cheers!!!