Monday, April 22, 2019

Videos that Work

How do we effectively learn concepts, directions and instructions? Directions and instructions are very important aspects of learning and performing. People usually look unto instructions to adhere to what is supposed to be done. Just like in giving directions to different locations, a much detailed and informative instruction will prevent a nomad from getting lost. There are many ways of transmitting instructions to the people but the most effective way of conveying such is through instructional materials wherein the recipients are able to see for themselves. On top of the list of these instructional materials are videos. The effectiveness of videos in conveying information such as directions and instructions is really unquestionable but of course, the video should include accurate and credible information.

As in comparison to written instructions, video instructions are easily grasped by the people because the details are presented in a way that the individual can see how a procedure is done. When we see a certain procedure in a clip, for instance, we can immediately mimic what the actors are doing because it’s highly informative and usually direct to the point. There are written instructions that are too difficult to get most especially if the meanings are hard to comprehend. There are also many advantages of videos in making discussions about something to the people. The impact of video discussions to the people is strong that it is often the medium of choice for some instructors.

Advertising also indulges in video discussions as evidenced by numerous commercials in gaps of television shows. With a touch of creativity, humor and credibility; the public would easily believe and avail the items being advertised. When we turn on our television and scan over different channels, there are a lot of these channels that advertise all kinds of items and services with several gimmicks and strategy. With all of these commercials, we sometimes have our favorites wherein we get entertained, and we want to try it for ourselves. These commercials present to us the positive things about the products. They usually put an emphasis on its effectiveness by performing tests and getting testimonials from celebrities and people that are credible and charismatic. Through these strategies, videos do work in advertising.

In promoting a physically fit and a healthy body, videos also play an important part in information dissemination and its implementation. There are a lot of videos available in the market that provides people with different kinds of exercises that promote fitness for better circulation. These videos are usually availed by those individuals that cannot afford to go to the gym everyday and hire professional trainers. These videos are easy to learn because the instructions are accompanied by actions. The individual that is teaching about a certain exercise is supplementing the steps and verbalizations with counting making instructions understandable and easy to follow. Its convenience is also a big plus in doing the exercise religiously because a person doesn’t need to spend much time traveling to the gym since the exercise can be done at home in front of the television. With a recorded routine exercise that can be used as a guide in exercising, maintaining a physically fit and a healthy body is now within reach.

In education, video has also proven to be effective. With every concept tackled by the teachers, they usually supplement it with instructional materials such as video clips showing students a simulation of what is written in their textbooks. Videos are known to increase retention according to experts most especially to visual learners. Movies depicting themes that are closely related to a certain topic are utilized since most learners today are into movies and informative films are more comprehendible in comparison to long hours of lecture discussion that usually exceeds the attention span of students when it comes to learning. Videos run for only a few hours but because of its capability to entertain, the student’s attention is not easily diverted to other things most especially if the plot is really interesting. In utilizing videos in education, it is also important to conduct an interactive discussion about the film relating it to the topic to ensure that the students have grasped what should be learned.

Videos are dominating every field that involves information like directions and concepts. From advertising to education, it surely serves its purpose of providing what the people needs and imparting knowledge. Directions bring people to the right place giving them a chance to achieve what they desire. It’s a medium of learning that will definitely stay and continue to improve and make the lives of people easier and updated. So, how do we learn effectively? By learning with the aid of instructional media such as videos that work.