Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Pet, Happy Master

Ancient man first saw the use of domesticating animals for food. They caught small animals, kept them in some sort of a pen and when it reaches the right size, the animals got slaughtered for food for the village. As they discovered more exotic and more beautiful animals, man started to keep the creatures for its aesthetics. The better looking and the more difficult to catch the animal, the more steps in the ladder of society one would reach.

Pets have since been part of human life. Ancient aristocracy in Egypt kept cats and birds as shown in wall paintings on many of royalty’s their tombs. Extreme cases are in the likes of Roman Emperor Caligula, who appointed his horse to be his successor. But for every extreme, there are great stories of master and animal relationships like Alexander the Great and his trusted horse Bucephalus, the touted pigeon message carriers of World War I or Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s dog pet Fala. Either by mutual necessity or sheer deep relationship, the pet has been a part of man as his own history.

Perhaps there is no animal more intimate with humans than dogs. Disciplined, intelligent and fiercely loyal they have evolved with the human race through many centuries.

It cannot be pointed specifically how dogs entered into evolution but many believed that man’s penchant for dogs started when early humans hunted and traveled in the cold steppes of Europe. The wolf could be the direct descendant of those creatures. Wolves are still utilized these days as sled pullers in the northernmost hemispheres and this is one great clue on where man started his relationship with dogs.

The animal showed great courage and fidelity through these early years and so man came to rely on the dog as a companion and a work animal. Eventual breeding and cross breeding produced various types of dogs that we see today.

These days it is common for pet lovers, especially dog lovers to show great care for animals. Veterinary clinics are a common place in many communities and the number of grooming salons for animals is ever growing. The dog food industry is a multi-million dollar industry and so are dog care solutions and accessories.

Dogs indeed need special care. Because of their body mass and behavior, they need a unique balance of nutrients different from man. Their metabolism and basic anatomy also require them to be vaccinated from common illnesses. For the bigger dog lovers, further grooming and care are afforded to the animals to make sure they are top conditions, and they are free from illnesses.

Sufficient and healthy food, hygiene, warm living environment and proper vitamins and medicines including vaccinations allow dogs and pets to live a full and happy life. And just as what man has experienced for centuries, a happy pet makes a happy master.