Monday, April 22, 2019

Instruments that make Jazz

Everyone knows that Jazz is a kind of musical art, which can be played with several instruments. For reference sake, it is also very important to know the top selling brands that specialize on each field. First, let us try to figure out the different types of Woodwind Instruments. Examples of these are Saxophones, Bassoons, Clarinets, Flutes, Flutophones, Recorder, Piccolo, and Oboes. Some brands that are top sellers on this instrument are Vandoren, Yamaha, Selmer, LeBlanc, Pro Tec, Rico, Gemeinhardt, Jupiter, Giardinelli, and Yanagisawa.  

Then, we go to the Brass Instruments. The following examples are Trumpets, French Horns, Cornets, Flugelhorns, Mellophones, Baritones, Bugles, Tubas, Trombones and, Sousaphones. Bach, Blessing, Conn, Holton, Jupiter, King, Getzen, Amati, Stomvi, and Yamaha are the top brands selling this kind of instrument.  

Let us try to see the keyboards that are used in playing jazz. Examples are Synthesizers and Workstation, Portable, Arranger and Digital Piano, and Groove and Production Station. Keyboard brands that are known for their high quality are Alesis, E-MU, Korg, Kurzweil, Moog, Nord, Roland, Yamaha, Akai, Casio, Hammond, M- Audio, Native Instruments, Novation, and Steinberg.

For the world instruments, the common examples are Chimes, Cajon, Steel Pan Drums, Darbukas, Djembes, Bongos, Bell, Shaker, Doumbek, Timbale, Tambourine, Effect percussion, and hand drum. Meinl, Remo, Rhythm Band, Pearl, Schalloch, Toca, Trophy, Nino, Rhythm Tech, and Latin Percussion are the list of brands that you can choose for.  

The Drums and Percussions are another instrument that plays a vital role in jazz. Without it, jazz can become so boring and dull. Examples of these drums and percussions are acoustic and electronic drums, drum machines, cymbals, orchestra percussion, and the world percussion. The top selling brands for this instrument are DW drums, Gretsch Drums, Ludwig, Meinl, Pearl, Remo, Sabian, Evans, Latin Percussion, Roland, Vic Firth, Yamaha, Mapex, Tama, and Paiste.  

You can use any of these instruments when you are playing jazz, you can even combine all these instruments during your gig, or you are playing your recitals. These instruments will somewhat give you a very good quality of music. It would also make your songs and arrangements more exciting and more interesting when you use these instruments in playing jazz. Good instruments such as this have a very good chemistry when you play them all at once in a gig or a concert perhaps.