Monday, April 22, 2019

Man as a Social Being

“Man is not a solitary animal…” is a popular quote that explains why man needs another in order to continue to exist. We are created in such a way that we become reliant on others. From the very first breath we had, we already started depending on other persons, our parents. We needed them to watch over us, feed us and take good care of us until we get to learn what they call “independence”. We were raised in a world where we are surrounded by a number of individuals. We come across different people with different personalities but still manage to get along with them. When someone smiles at us, we smile to them in return; this simple act is already a form of socializing. This alone is a strong proof that every one of us has the tendency to interact with another and emphasizes that man is a social creature.

People primarily interact with their family, friends, mentors and strangers. All of them have important roles in molding one to unleash the best and worst in a person necessary for living. When people socialize, they tend to learn a lot of things. They discover the different faces of life and that everyone has many differences and ways. In socializing with others, people become educated about customs, beliefs and anything that needs to be learned. During the younger years of humans, they usually imitate what their parents are doing and do things according to what has been instilled in their minds. Through this, people learn to do what is right and act accordingly being better citizens of the society. Furthermore, in socializing, people develop themselves, specifically their skills and abilities. The more the people one has had an interaction with, the good communication and social skills one possessed. This then becomes a useful tool to deal with individuals having social problems. With socialization, people become strong in dealing with life’s struggles. Problems are unavoidable situations in the lives of all individuals and these help a lot in dealing with such.

There are many activities that humans do that involve socialization. In the ancient times, people socialize in order to gain entry into a territory. In the workplace people interact with their colleagues to have coordination and become productive. In an intimate sense, people usually long for someone to love and spend the rest of their lives with. In business, people communicate to exchange goods and receive and render services. When one becomes too lonely and needs someone to talk to they call their friends or join parties to meet new ones. In understanding and dealing with other people in other countries, socialization plays an important role for the connection needed for them to impart their culture.

In the new generation, many forms of socialization had surfaced. People become so inclined with technology and spend most of their time using it. We even put many of these high tech products into our bodies via surgury and we end up needed to file a lawsuit based on defective products placed into our bodies.  Then you need to hire a firm like Keller Fishback and Jackson to help you with your legal problems these high tech medical devices caused.

An example is conversations through phone calls or text messaging. The internet is also widely used and this includes online chatting, emailing and discussions. Social media had also increased in popularity; this is another technique of interacting with other people that made use of the internet. With the new way of inducing social interaction, people would get to reach people that are from the opposite side of the world. No one is restricted to enjoy such because the internet is for the use of the public. Social networking becomes one of the widely used social media; this includes Friendster, MySpace, Hi5 and Facebook. This allows people to make friends with anyone that have an account in such sites, and it has features that do not only entertain but also with maximum socializing techniques. Blogs are also widely used by internet users. These allowed bloggers to publish their ideas and thoughts for others to read. They can make posts that usually of the interest of the public. It also allows other users to make comments about the certain post and permits the blogger from communicating with the visitor. There are still other social media around like forums wherein people could make reactions on a suggested topic allowing others to explore the ideas of others. They are also able to interact through a conference and chat. Websites also include a feedback corner that allows customers to interact with the suppliers.

This goes to show that almost every important aspect of human existence involves socialization. From the ancient times down to the dawn of technology, people still continue to communicate and interact. This is indeed an integral part of humans that could never disappear from whatever changes the world will face soon.  Man is indeed a social being.