Monday, April 22, 2019

Loading…. A Virus has been Detected

            Have you ever pictured yourself in this situation before? Let’s say you rented a computer in an internet café to finish working on your power point presentation due to the next morning. You inserted into the USB port your flash drive containing the documents and various files needed for your report stored in one folder. The next day, you inserted your USB on your professor’s laptop equipped with the latest anti-virus software. After the anti-virus has eliminated the threats, you opened your USB files only to see that the folder containing your report is gone.

            Most would say that the two most important features a computer must possess are speed in processing and security on its data. The first thing that most users check when using a computer is its speed. Who wouldn’t want a speedy processing unit knowing that most of us want to accomplish many things at a short span of time? The speed of loading of the different websites you are visiting depends upon your internet connection. If your computer is connected to a network, it would also depend on your computer’s domain or server. Browsing of many websites at the same time can also cause your internet surfing  go slow because browsers will still search for cookies and internet temp files otherwise it will be downloaded from the site. If you are complaining on why some computer applications you opened are running slowly, the reason behind it could be one of the following: too many user programs are running in the background; lack of virtual memory or your hard drive could already be too full of data to run efficiently. Too many users playing network games or online games, which are filled with many graphical and image effects can cause computer lagging, wherein their game character is moving slowly or their freezing at times. Downloading videos or files from websites can also cause your computer to lose some speed. These dilemmas can easily be solved by computer upgrading, that is if you are ready with its costs. However, the most common reason why some computers are processing slowly is because your computer security is invaded by malwares or more commonly known as viruses, worms and spywares.


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            Computer security is not only the effort to create a secure computing environment by providing passwords to your account to prevent unauthorized access as well as hacking of files, but it is also the prevention of users or user programs to limit the actions, they perform to the level they are allowed. Malware or malicious software such as computer viruses, worms and spywares are inflicting their damage to one’s computer in many ways. These can cause corruption of files, deletion or hiding of computer files, malfunction in some applications, and installation of unsolicited programs and can also gather information about the owner of the computer as what spywares do. These malwares can be transmitted easily by inserting infected storage devices such as USB flash drives into your computer, visiting websites, which install malware into your computer without your consent, sharing file services for movies, music or programs such as Limewire, Bearshare, and connecting your computer into a computer network in which one node or computer is infected. If these threats are ignored, it can cause some problems like: causing your computer to perform slower in loading its applications; some programs may act erratically; unwanted execution of computer programs; running out of computer memory or some file sizes suddenly increases and the worst, some articles in the internet say that some computer viruses can cause damage in the computer hardware such as a chip located in the motherboard.

In order to protect one’s computer from any of these threats, these precautions may help:

  • Invest in anti-virus programs or software and scan your computer regularly.     
  • Keep your anti-virus updated so possible threats can be detected and healed.  
  • Since malwares are also evolving, it is best to back up important files by saving them in a storage device or at least, save a copy in your email. So the next time you check your files and see them gone, at least you know you have a spare ready.

Through these simple precautions, one is guaranteed of a safe and protected system.